Last week was a milestone for DFA, as we kicked off the New Year with plenty of new opportunities for brotherhood and connection.

It all started Sunday with our monthly planning session, where we talked about our progress and continued to work on future activities. Watch for cool DFA T-Shirts, coming soon!

Then on Friday Stefen kicked off our first Discussion Group, heroically facilitating despite spraining his ankle just moments before things got underway. Fourteen men joined together for sparkling—and surprisingly intimate—discussion about integrity and commitment in the fetish world.

Later that night we gathered together again for our very first DFA Night at the Tool Shed. Over 40 guys joined us for fun and fellowship. Organizer Chris even showed off his brand-new bootblacking skills, much to the delight of those who experienced his devoted service. All in all, it was a pretty terrific night, especially given the frigid temperatures and number of guys who were out of town for MAL Weekend.

If you weren’t able to make it, you haven’t missed out! Next Friday our Discussion Group and Tool Shed night return. And we’ve just confirmed our next planning session for Thursday, February 7 at 7pm at the LGBT Center of the Desert. (These, and all of our activities, can be found on our new calendar!)

DFA activities are notable because of the fresh crowd of friendly, passionate, kinky men that we attract. Are you part of the Next Guard of Fetish? Join us!