Anyone can organize a DFA gathering or activity! Here are some of the guys the guys who are kicking things off:

John McBain

Founding Organizer

John is the owner of Gear Leather & Fetish, Palm Springs’ store for men who play hard. He also writes Pulp Magazine’s monthly Generation Fetish column. John can often be found at the store educating or mentoring people in the ways of sane, kinky play. He has a passion for flogging and cock and ball torture and is a self-professed sadist. Lately it seems that people have started referring to him as “Daddy,” a title he seems to enjoy.

Ken Blochowski

Founding Organizer

Ken is the marketing director for Gear Leather & Fetish. As a freelance graphic and web designer, editor, writer, and publicist, he has also helped produce some of the world’s best known fetish events. A popular fetish model, he’s famous for his skills in fisting, but he’s equally passionate about titplay, water sports and BDSM. He’s excited to help bring a new kind of organization into being.

Stefen Burchard


Stefen is a Strategic & Organizational Consultant. He has experience facilitating groups and building community across a wide range of topics and interests. Stefen is excited about helping the DFA grow and expand it’s inclusive, tribal culture of acceptance, brotherhood and education.

Stefen is active in the local community as an HIV/AIDS activist, Hospice Volunteer, Spiritual Teacher and avid AIDS/Lifecycle & Positive Peddler cyclist.



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