Desert Fetish Authority News

Tomorrow (Thursday)!

Got an idea for a geared-up activity that you'd like to make happen? Well, now's your chance!!

The next Desert Fetish Authority Planning Session is this Thursday, August 8 at 7 pm at the LGBT Center. All are welcome to attend, no matter what your experience level. We're a relaxed group of men sharing a sense of brotherhood in the fetish world and making plans to turn good ideas into great events!


This Friday is the second one of the month, which means that it’s time for the next installments of our Leather/Fetish Open Discussion Group and DFA Night at the Tool Shed! A great bunch of friendly, passionate, kinky guys join us at each these events. There’s room for you too!

The Discussion Group kicks off at 7 pm at the LGBT Center. DFA Night at the Tool Shed follows it, but is now starting at 9.

Gear up and join us for one or both!


Eagle LA Bus Trip

There are still a few tickets available for the bus trip to the Eagle LA, which leaves at 6:30 pm Saturday. Contact Henry at 760-409-9326 by Friday. Price: $45!

Barracks Flogging Demo

The Barracks will be hosting a Flogging Demo at 9 pm. Check out our calendar for details.

Volunteers Needed!

A new event, Ice in the Heat, is now in the planning stages. Billed as the first annual  weekend for men interested in the exciting adventure of required chastity, it will be held on October 18-20 at the Vista Grade Resort here in Palm Springs. The weekend will include demonstrations, types of rules, duration issues, safety issues, key keeper requirements and even bondage activities.

The organizers are looking for all sorts of volunteers to make the weekend happen, including guys willing to do demos, help plan a chastity fashion show, work on registration and more! Interested? Contact for details.