What We’re About


We envision a Next Guard fetish organization built on five principles:



We are a fraternity of like-minded men who truly enjoy hanging out together. We’re just as likely to grab a workout, meal, or movie as we are to hang at a bar, event or play space. We like each other, we grow together and we support one another.



We are attracted to masculine fetish attire and we like to wear it. We don’t, however, have a specific dress code or door policy. We are leathermen and rubbermen and skinheads and skater punks and pups and athletes and MMA fighters and more. We embrace the broadest spectrum of gear and welcome whatever attire connects with your body, mind and spirit.



We want to learn more about being kinky players. We seek out hands-on learning experiences from both our brothers and other experts in our community. We don’t pretend to know all that there is to know, but we endeavor to be a leading kinky resource for other gay men and for our city.



We are men who play. Sex is an important part of our lives, and we love to have it in and out of gear. We actively foster opportunities for men to engage in play and support the events and venues at which play occurs.



We are proud to be fetish players and embrace our nature without shame. We celebrate our brotherhood and our diversity. We share our pride through our activities and events.


What We’re Not About


It’s probably just as important to say what we don’t stand for:



We have many fetishes, but none for complicated bylaws and procedures. We do not use Roberts Rules of Order to conduct business. We don’t have officers—we have organizers. And anyone can step up to organize something!



Our organization is a not-for-profit which supports our community through social and educational activities. We do not raise money for charity or make philanthropic grants, though we may sometimes lend support to other organizations which do.



We do not play politics in our own organization, nor do we worry about the politics or policies of other fetish organizations. We do not do things just to be politically correct.


But Above All


We have fun! We gather because we enjoy hanging out together and learning more about gear and play! We actively seek out opportunities to incorporate fun into everything we do. If being part of our brotherhood is no longer fun, we shall either fix it or disband.