Each quarter on the first Thursday at 7 pm, guys who are interested in creating DFA events and activities get together at the LGBT Center to coordinate schedules and seek advice, feedback and support. (Double check our calendar for dates.)

We used to call these meet ups planning sessions, but that implied we had some sort of central group which was in charge of making everything in the DFA happen. That’s not how it works!

DFA events and activities are driven by individuals or groups of guys who see a need and decide that they’d like to do something about it. Those of us who have done similar stuff in the past help set visionaries up for success by sharing strategies which have worked well (and what’s not worked so great!) and by connecting them with advisers and resources.

We now call these sessions Idea Labs.

Want to help build our fetish and gear community? Got an idea for something fun? Join us and talk about it! Everyone is welcome.