Gear up and join us at The Barracks on Saturday, March 7 from 9 pm to midnight for Bound For Fun!, our third anniversary party! This year is all about friends, fetish and fun, and features our outrageous Tie2Win Contest.

Join with other party goers to create a unique piece of rope bondage art. We’ll give everyone a souvenir length of rope. Combine yours with others to tie up a pal. But there’s a twist—check out the rules below!

You don’t need experience, just a willingness to experiment, make friends and have fun! Great prize packages (provided by Gear Leather & Fetish) will go to the sexiest, most creative and most hilarious designs!

Wanna show off another skill? We’ll also have the Webster Room open for impromptu demos.

Our Emcee

The event will be emceed by the lively and sexy Tom Pardoe. An LA-based choreographer and movement coach, Tom is also producer of LA Pride’s Erotic City, a marketing consultant for The Fight magazine and Eagle LA Mister Leather 2010. His charm and wit makes him a popular host and presenter throughout the Southland.

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Our anniversary events are always popular and busy. Join us for a great time!


Tie 2 Win Rules

  • Everyone gets one length of rope at the door. Each end of the rope is marked with one of four colors: red, yellow, blue or black.
  • You can keep your rope and play the game, or trade your rope for favors from your favorite team. 😉
  • Each team must consist of at least one person to tie, and one to model the creation.
  • Each team must collect enough rope from those present to complete the creation.
  • When joining ropes together, you must join like-colored ends (except for the very last piece).


The Awards:

  • The Slip Knot Award for the sexiest design.
  • The Butterfly Knot Award for the most creative design.
  • The Safety Scissors Award for the most hilarious design.

Each award has a prize package of equal value, so whether you choose to be serious or silly, it’s all about having a great time!


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