It’s no secret that our brothers in FetishMenSanDiego have been incredibly supportive of DFA. In fact, wonderful San Diego men have participated in almost every activity that we’ve held since our founding! Now our SD friends have two great activities of their own coming up — the Belt Party/FMSD Second Anniversary and San Diego Pride — and they’ve invited us to join them. In fact, they’ve even offered to house anyone who’d like to spend the night!

Could there be a more perfect time for a road trip to a cooler climate? Or a better reason to go? Learn more in this special invitation from Papa Tony, founder of FetishMenSanDiego.

To our brothers in the Leather Tribe outside of San Diego:

Things are going very well, down here in San Diego. Every month, hundreds of men (no kidding) are signing up for the FMSD email list, and follow us on FacebookTwitterFetlife and

If you are intrigued, please check out our blog – I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

We’re currently at a little over 2,700 followers, up from zero, two years ago. The process is accelerating. Things are rapidly changing in town, with big, happy events that are increasing in number.

The only thing that we are missing is YOU.

We have two big events coming up in San Diego (see below), and it would be wonderful to see our brothers in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Phoenix and other areas coming down to help us celebrate.

To sweeten the deal, I’m offering sofas.

If you’re active in the community (even if you’re not a titleholder), you’re the kind of guy who deserves some extra helpings of love and support. In a crappy economy, travel is expensive, particularly lodging. If you don’t mind sleeping on a local man’s sofa or air-mattress, then I will do my damnedest to make sure that you don’t have to pay to stay overnight in San Diego.

If you want to come down for major events, then let’s talk – You can reach me at or at 619-804-4627.

We did this for SD Pride last year, and it worked out great:
[image_frame style=”” align=”left” alt=”SD Pride Participants” title=”SD Pride Participants” height=”381″ width=”640″][/image_frame]

Now that our cities are doing so well on an individual basis, let’s formalize the friendship between our best and brightest leaders, volunteers, mentors and role-models.  This is NOT a one-way proposal, with you doing nice stuff for us, and that’s where it ends.  This is a courteous request that we all KEEP supporting each other as time goes by – I want to build a network of friends who regularly arrive at each others’ events as a matter of tradition and brotherhood.

If we can all share lodging, it will make things much easier!


[image_frame style=”” align=”left” alt=”Belt Party Poster” title=”Belt Party Poster” height=”433″ width=”280″][/image_frame]
Saturday, June 30th: The third BELT Party is coming up, starting at 10PM at Numbers bar. This is getting monstro-huge, sexy and fun. It’s something quite different, with dancing, demonstrations of flogging, bondage and other kinky acts, with a new gear-only Back Room. This time around, it’s also the official Second Anniversary Party for FetishMenSanDiego. I’m doing everything I can to get guys out from behind their computer screens and out, proud and handsome in their gear.

Based on feedback I’m getting, this event is going to bring out our biggest crowd ever. The best part of the plans (as far as I’m concerned) is that we will have around two dozen idealistic, energized young men (none of them over the age of thirty-two) who will be acting as official Community Representatives. They will be wandering through the crowd wearing identifying tags, making sure that everybody feels welcome, connected and informed about our local community.
[image_frame style=”” align=”left” alt=”Just Some of Our Community Representatives” title=”Just Some of Our Community Representatives” height=”472″ width=”640″][/image_frame]

I would really like these young men to meet guys like you, as awesome, admirable men. People like you provide agreement that being sexy AND good-hearted is an achievable goal. I want them to meet more of the best parts of our Tribe.


Obviously, San Diego has an awesome Pride Weekend on July 20-22, with the parade itself (come march with us!), plus the Leather Realm at the Pride Festival and various parties. Now that San Diego’s Leather/Fetish community is booming along nicely and cohesively, there are more exciting things happening.

You KNOW you want to come down anyway, so let’s make it easier and start making plans now. We have the possibility of building better, closer friendships across the miles, and for many years to come.

We went through hell as a community. We lost so many of the men who could have been so good for us, and it wounded us. Now, decades after the worst part, we have massive numbers of young, energized men who lack the worst of our traumas. They need to see that the Leather Tribe not only still exists, but that we are on an upward trajectory.

We’re in a new, better age, and it’s time to party!