From Drew Kramer:

Heading home from a meeting of the Magister Circle, I saw that I needed gas, so I stopped at the Arco at Vista Chino and Sunrise.  After futzing with the payment kiosk, I opened up my tank, put the nozzle in, and started pumping.  That was when I pissed my pants.  I was wearing light colored hiking shorts, so it left a really big stain down the front.  It was late at night, so it wasn’t busy, and the person nearest me either didn’t notice that I had just pissed my pants or pretended not to.  

I wasn’t worried about this urinary incontinence.  At the Magister Circle meeting that night, I had been experimenting with catheter play on myself.  A couple of years ago, I had a bout of acute prostatitis that meant that inserting a catheter was the only way my swollen prostate gland would let me pee, and I found it a miserable experience.  I wanted to try it again and see if it could be eroticized if it was divorced from everything else I was going through with my prostatitis. 

Surrounded by a circle of men who were exploring and learning just like me, it was erotic, and I could notice the new sensations and that I hadn’t before.  My guess as to why I had spontaneously pissed without warning while pumping gas at the Arco was that my old enemy, my prostate, was getting in the last word in the argument.  (Being able to control my urination came back pretty quickly after that, and I haven’t had trouble with unplanned humiliation scenes since.)

Also over the past few months, I have hogtied a man for the first time, gave a man his first flogging, experienced what it was like to be in a vac rack (Google “vacuum bed” if you’re not sure what this is), had hot candle wax adorn my hairy chest, showed off some things I’ve learned doing sensation play, and had a great teaching on how to give a sensual massage. 

About Magister Circles

I started the Magister Circles because I wanted to do BDSM education, but I wanted to do it differently than me standing up in front of a bunch of guys sitting in chairs.  I wanted it to be intimate and among men I could trust, and I wanted to learn as well as teach.

Magister Circles are groups of eight or fewer men who commit to meeting once a month for a period of six months in each other’s homes.  At each meeting, we go around the circle and each person has about twenty minutes to show or tell or raise a topic for discussion.  Some of the men participating in the group have years and years of experience doing BDSM, some are novices exploring for the first time.  It is a good setting for trying something for the first time, or giving others the opportunity to experience something for the first time.

The next cycle is starting in November and will meet once a month through April.  If you would like to be a part, of this cycle, please send an email to nick (who has agreed to serve as the administrator this time around, as I was not always as timely as I would like to have been in getting out reminder emails and such) at  In the email, please briefly describe your interest and experience with BDSM, and also give a rundown of what evenings or weekend days would or would not work for you from November through April.  (For example, “I am available on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and could do Saturday afternoons but only on the second or third Saturday of the month” so nick and I can schedule the groups.)  If you will be unavailable due to the holidays or travel you have planned, please include that.

The cutoff date for email will be October 25, giving nick and I time to sort everyone into groups before the meetings start in November.  

[note_box]The start date for the next Magister Circles cycle has been pushed back, so you still have time to RSVP and join in! Follow the instructions above to express interest. [/note_box]

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