Launch Party Update

Desert Fetish Authority

It’s only a few days till Thursday’s DFA Launch Party and we couldn’t be more excited! As of today, 135 of you have subscribed to our email updates and 55 more of you have joined our Facebook Group. That’s pretty incredible, given that we’ve only been around a couple of weeks!

We’ve gotten plenty of requests for more information about the party, so here are more details:

What’s Gonna Happen?

Our Launch Party will be just that—a party! Expect a casual, social atmosphere filled with sexy, geared-up guys! Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re a hardcore player or a curious newcomer who wants to learn more about gear and kinky play.

Speaking of kinky play, we’ll have two demos. One will be a more formal flogging demo, but the other will be an experiential electrical one. We’ll actually wire up one of our organizers and set him loose in the crowd so that anybody who wants to can feel the sparks fly from his finger tips!

We’ll have survey cards around and ask you to fill them out so that we can learn more about what you’d like out of the group—stuff like when, where and how often you’d like to get together and what sort of things you’d like to do! We’ll also ask you to tell us about your skills and interests and give you the chance to offer help in organizing future activities.

More than anything, though, the night is about making friends and building community. We’ll keep talking at you to a minimum, because we’d much rather talk with you! Like all of our events, the DFA Launch Party is about enjoying each other, our fetishes and our gear!

What Should I Wear?

What makes you feel hot and sexy? Put it on! We don’t have a dress code!

We’re hearing from lots of guys who say that they don’t own any gear and are afraid to come. You’re welcome too! Everybody owns something that makes them feel studly and confident! Wear it!

The only restrictions we have are the laws regarding public nudity. Bare asses must have a one inch strip up the crack.

Who’s Gonna Be There?

All we know is that the buzz has been huge and that this is likely going to be the biggest fetish night since Leather Pride! Guys from as far away San Diego and Phoenix have told us that they’re coming to wish us well! Regardless, we need you! Come show the Valley that you want and need an organization like DFA!

What Can I Do to Help?

Join us, and invite your friends! Don’t take it for granted that they already know! Tell them about our website and our Facebook Group. Then gear up, come out, smile and have fun!


Desert Fetish Authority Launch Party
Thursday, February 9
7:30-9:30 pm

302 East Arenas Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264
(760) 323-0700

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  1. Papa Tony02-05-2012

    It’s clear that you have exactly the writing talent needed to succeed. This message is friendly, accessible, clear, and make powerful promises that are guaranteed to come true. Perfect!

  2. Walt Seiler02-10-2012

    I hope you had a great Start up party. These guys are like you and interested in many of the same things. Get to know them, play with them, see a show. We all get tired of our routine so take a chance dive in and take that first step.

    If you ever have a question about fetish safety check with men like John, Ken and the other founding members from DFA’s leadership,

    When you are the top you need to know what you are doing for his and your safety.

    An informed bottom makes good choices, and knows when things are out of hand

    This is a great opportunity for everyone, lets make it work.

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