A hypnotist is like the Wizard of Oz.  He has no magic but by asking you to do things you did not know that you could do you find that you already have what you are longing for.

Chris was the first volunteer and the star of the night.  I asked him to stand facing me, take a couple of deep breaths to relax then I pulled him off balance toward me.  While he falling into my arms I commanded him to sleep.  He was hypnotized instantly.

We change states of mind instantaneously so the faster the induction the easier it is to follow.  It helps if (as I was) the man you are following is already in hypnosis, inviting you to come into the same state of calm, relaxed hyper-awareness.   Christopher said he felt completely safe and protected, even more aware and in control than in his normal (non-hypnotized) state of mind.  We stretched him between two chairs, supported by his heels and shoulders, then I sat in the middle.  You are always that strong.  The difference is that it seems easy!

I love doing this.  The emotional intimacy and deep calm are wonderful.  When I get into therapeutic hypnosis it helps me with my own inner demons.  To go back to my poetic illusion, when I practice the virtues of wit (the Scarecrow), courage (the Cowardly Lion), kindness (the Tin Woodsman), faith and imagination (Dorothy and the Wizard), I am better armed to face my own challenges.  (Strange that so few look behind my curtain!)

To Be Continued

I would be happy to do a repeat session, but I will need someone to volunteer their living room.  Email me if you want to participate.  Eric@Trostler.com