Now that there are FetishMen clubs in San Diego, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, with brothers from all over Southern California finding better and better reasons to bond together as brothers, it’s time for us to come together for a REALLY BIG, superb and INEXPENSIVE event.

Bring air-mattresses, sleeping-bags and bedding down to San Diego, preferably ride-sharing when you travel. Why?  Because we don’t want you to have to spend money for a hotel. These are tough times, and your COMPANY is what we crave.

The men of San Diego warmly welcome our brothers from other cities, and want you to join us for a major cultural event.  Starting at 9pm on Saturday, June 1, we will be gathering outside the Birch North Park Theater for warmup events (such as our biggest group photo ever, and a Gear Contest) before enjoying the West Coast Premiere of the movie “INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR.”

James Franco & Travis Mathews’ fresh-from-Sundance film “INTERIOR. LEATHER BAR” screens its West Coast Premiere at FilmOut San Diego’s 15th Anniversary LGBT Film Festival on Saturday, June 1st at 10:00pm. Screened with Fernando Garcia & Anthony Diaz’ “LEATHER AND GRACE,” Jörg Fockele’s “RITUAL,” and Michael J. Saul’s “ADULTS ONLY.” Sponsored by ABC-10/Azteca-15 and Co-Presented by FetishMenSD, Micky’s West Hollywood and GayTravel.Com. **THIS IS AN 18+ ONLY SCREENING**  Cast/Filmmakers Attending!

Why are they doing this in San Diego?  Because they have the largest, most-cohesive community of gay FetishMen OF ANY CITY ON EARTH.  The can fill an entire movie theater with just their group guys… IF we have our brothers from other cities with us, happy and sharing in a powerful film about the missing forty minutes of hardcore action that was destroyed after the movie Cruising was edited down to become less raunchy.

The timing couldn’t be better.

Now that we have a thriving, rapidly-growing FetishMen community that spans the lower half of California, we can now find excellent reasons to gather in brotherhood, cultural events and fun!

There is NO dress-code. Your company is what we crave. There WILL be a Gear Contest out on the sidewalk for your entertainment, however. Wear it if ya got it!

More details will be coming as time goes by. Lots of people will be creating surrounding events during the weekend for arts, fun and male-bonding!

If you’re not already on the FMSD (San Diego), FMLA (Los Angeles) or DFA (Palm Springs) email lists or Facebook pages, now would be a good time to get connected. The gay FetishMen movement is accelerating, and there’s room for all good-hearted men, no matter what your age, color, body-style, experience-level or wardrobe!.

Tom Napoli (DFA member) is coordinating the ride share and housing options, along with Papa Tony (FMSD member). You can contact Tom at to let him know if you will be attending and/or need more info. You can come just Saturday or for the whole weekend. We would love to have a good Palm Springs turnout.