DFA Book Club

Mr. Benson

Welcome to the DFA Book Club – the first of which will be on Saturday, March 2 at 6:30 pm.

Why would a group of Fetishists & Kinksters want a Reading Group? Simple – from words – spoken, written or thought – come so many fetishes and ideas, from boots to bondage, from cocks to cigars, from Tops to bottoms, and everything in-between.

And we’re not going to just read books – we want to challenge members to bring stories, graphic novels, short stories, and to speak up, to discuss, to argue, to listen to, and to learn from, and even to write themselves. Yes, all of you have some kind of fantasy; we’ll help you develop that thought for a short story or even a novel in an upcoming Book Club event.

To start with, we thought we’d take a closer look at one of the classic BDSM novels, Mr. Benson by John Preston. Some of you are already familiar with it, got hard from it, spilled your cum over it. If you haven’t, this is a good time to get acquainted with the erotic world of Masters and their slaves.

Our plan for the first session is to read parts of the opening chapters and then talk about whether Jamie, the would-be slave, will stay the course with Mr. Benson. We can also discuss how the fantasy of the writing can conflict, or complement, our own realities and experiences. We can talk about where the story might be leading us – or whatever else you want to know – and, if you disagree, come along and say so in your own civilized way.

We’ll invite your ideas for future events – to be on the first Saturday of each month.

Alex is hosting the evening at the home he shares with Hank in Cathedral Cove. There will be beer, sodas, water and coffee and some munchies. But we can only accommodate about 15 men inside – so RSVP soon. We’ll try to supply a copy of the first chapter of Mr. Benson, if you need it.

So get into your gear and get high [or down and dirty] on words and thoughts and ideas – Saturday, March 2 at 6:30 pm. We’ll supply the address as soon as you sign up.

Reading is different when it’s really fetish.

In Brotherhood,
Matt Davis and Alex Ironrod


To reserve your spot and get directions, please send a message to AlexIronrod@aol.com.

  1. Eric Trostler02-12-2013

    I would like to attend the DFA Book Club, on Saturday, March 2.

  2. Ron King02-27-2013

    I woul like to attend the book club discussion on Saturday night.

  3. Ken04-24-2014

    May 2014 Update:

    The Book Club bounces back in May with a meeting where members get a “sneak preview” of the screenplay of a new gay action adventure movie set in the Coachella Valley.

    On Saturday May 10 at 6:30 pm we’ll be performing a reading of portions of this “work in progress” and the audience (limited to a “dirty dozen”) will be invited to give some constructive comments.

    The well-known writer/director of several gay kink-related short subjects wants to hear his screenplay read aloud as well as get input from a gay audience sympathetic to the lifestyle of his characters.

    In the feature-length story, one single mistake can cost a government hit man the most important thing in his life, his heart. This hard action-adventure film begins as a very experienced US Government agent takes out the wrong foreign official because of bad intelligence information. After meeting with his superiors, he returns home to find his partner, a former Marine, missing without notice. Eventually he finds out that his partner has been kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord, and that the bad intelligence was wrong on purpose. Now he must find out why he has been set up, while trying desperately to locate his partner at the same time.

    Come and be part of the ‘dirty dozen’ who get to listen to this first public offering and comment. We’ll be meeting at Alex and Hank’s house in Cathedral Cove again. Since we’re limiting the audience, please RSVP ASAP to alexironrod@aol.com. We’re also looking for a couple of good actor/readers [age range 30-50]. Please email Alex for details.

    Other News

    In response to numerous requests, we thinking of another BONDAGE, BOOTS AND BOOKS party in the summer. We’ll need volunteers – for models, rope experts and guardians. If you’re interested, send a separate email to Alex.

    Thank you Matt!

    Due to his increased work schedule, Matt has to resign as co-chair. He will be sorely missed for all his efforts to get the club up and running month by month, as well as for his home-baked goodies. But we look forward to seeing him and Rob regularly at the meetings. Any member who feels excited enough to volunteer as co-chair will be warmly welcomed.

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