BYOM Pool Party Follow-Up


Special thanks to Christian for coming up with the concept for, and to Ed and Ked for hosting, September’s Bring Your Own Meat Pool Party. Over fifty guys showed up for delightful company, great music, terrific food and even a little naughtiness!

And it was such a simple thing to do! Christian suggested the idea, but didn’t have a venue. We put the word out and found one. Christian, Ed and Ked provided some sides and paper products. Everyone else brought meat to barbecue, drinks and chairs. We ended up with a fantastic party with live music and great men.

You too can be a DFA organizer and create something special. There’s a great network of folks out there willing to help—and a hungry fetish community eager to participate! Send your proposal to We’ll share advice, make connections and flex our marketing muscle!


Here are just a few of Ken’s BYOM Party photos. Want to share yours? Send them to us or post them on our Facebook Group!

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