Desert Fetish Authority News

Friday: "Show & Tell" Discussion Group/Tool Shed

Friday, June 13 s the second Friday of the month, which means that it's time once again for our Discussion Group and DFA Night at Tool Shed.

This week we're doing a fetish equipment "show and tell." Bring something that you like to play with to show the group and tell us why you like it!

Don't forget that the Discussion Group is now convening in a new location: the LGBT Center's Belardo Building (aka Food Bank), located behind the Sun Center at 610 South Belardo Road, Suite 500.

It's a cool, more industrial space that's both larger and more private. Guys who have toured it really like it!

The Discussion Group meets on the second and fourth Fridays of the month at 7:30. It's followed at 9 pm by DFA Night at Tool Shed. Gear up and join us!

What's That Discussion Group About, Anyway?

Many guys wonder if the Discussion Group is for them. To help you understand more of what it's about, here's some additional info from the group's facilitator, Stefen:

The vision and intent of the DFA Open Discussion is Brotherhood and Bonding. This happens as participants become familiar with other members by attending on a regular or semi-regular basis. Trust, safety and intimacy build in the group over time.

Discussion topics vary based on the desires of the participants on any given evening. The guys who attend usually decide where the conversation goes. Nothing is "off limits" as long as it stays within the realm of BDSM and Kink. The facilitator ensures that everyone has a chance to share and that ground rules are not violated, but does not control the conversation.

In the past, we’ve talked about topics like fantasies, first kink/BDSM experiences, leather families, BDSM etiquette and safeguards, and many other subjects.

Although you’ll probably learn things by participating in the conversation, the discussion group is not designed to teach participants about particular BDSM and kink skills. We do those sorts of seminars in our hands-on Kink Exploratorium series (which occurs in other venues periodically throughout the year).

Whether you're a long time participant or a newcomer, please know that you are welcome! We will go out of our way to greet you and include you in the conversation.  We look forward to seeing you at our next discussion group!