Desert Fetish Authority News

New Activity TONIGHT: Touch Tuesdays

Starting tonight, Tuesday, April 15, join us every Third Tuesday from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm for Touch Tuesdays!

Explore being comfortable in your own skin and with touch of all kinds.

Practice overcoming hang-ups with Touch each visit.

Facilitator will demo prior to breaking up into groups.

Suggested Topics:

  • Scalp Massage, 4-15-14
  • Back Massag,e 4-15-14
  • Prostate Massage, 5-20-14
  • Gluteal Massage, 5-20-14
  • Chest Massage, 6-17-14
  • Shoulder Massage, 6-17-14
  • Foot Massage, 7-15-14
  • Hand Massage, 7-15-14
  • Chair Massage, 8-19-14

And always HUGS and Puppy Piles!

Exploration is intended to be erotic, not sexual.

Clothing optional - nudity encouraged.

Stimulation is normal. Be respectful of each other. Don't violate other people's limits.

Space is limited. Email your interest and contact information today to Rey at

Sessions will be in Cathedral City near the Burlington Coat Factory. If a couple of men could bring an extra massage table, let Rey know.

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Magister Circles: Your RSVP Needed

Introducing a new program for men who are interested in deepening their experience in BDSM by sharing skills and techniques and learning new ones in a small group setting

Each circle will be limited to eight men and participants will be asked to commit to meeting once a month for the following six months.  At each meeting, after a brief outline of safety issues, a check-in, and deep breathing, each participant will briefly demonstrate for the other members of the circle some aspect of the art and technique of BDSM, such as bondage, percussion play, sensory deprivation/stimulation, etc.  In addition to learning new skills, it is hoped that trust, brotherhood, intimacy--also necessary elements of BDSM--will grow in the circle over the course of the six months.

Expertise is not required, but it is hoped that participants have at least some experience as the expectation is that all of us will be teaching as well as learning.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Drew Kramer at before April 15th.  In the email, let Drew know briefly what your level of experience is (“minimal” is perfectly okay!), why you are interested in taking part and what BDSM means to you, and what evenings or weekend afternoons during the week you would be available to meet. 

Please don’t put down just one evening or afternoon:  participants will be mustered into groups of seven and a meeting time will be set, such as “third Monday of every month from 7 to 9 PM.”  The first meeting of each circle will be in May and will continue to meet on that appointed evening/afternoon through October.  In October, each group will have the option of continuing to meet as a group, joining another circle to be formed then.

Want to know more? Check out the FAQ on our web site!