Desert Fetish Authority News

Community Building Meeting Tomorrow!

In our last newsletter, we mentioned that we had a special opportunity to learn from Papa Tony of FetishMenSanDiego about how they've been able to grow such a dynamic, great organization. We only needed a volunteer to host him. Cooper Andersen has stepped up and a meeting has been planned! Here is the announcement from Papa Tony:

On Saturday, November 10th at 10am, I will be giving a pep-talk to the good men of DFA about recent exciting developments in building a joyful and cohesive community together. 

The men of FetishMenSanDiego have been very, very successful in creating fun events based upon trusting, long-lasting relationships. We average around twenty events a month these days, and every one of them is supportive and fun:

My goal in giving this talk is to bring y'all up to date, share the newest techniques and concepts that build trust and unity of purpose, and to answer questions. I dearly want the men of the Desert Regions to be as joyfully cooperative and energized as your brothers in the south!

I will be at Cooper Anderson's home at

241 Breeze Loop
Palm Springs‎ California‎ 92262

This is the Palermo Complex on corner of San Rafeal and Indian Canyon.  Gate code is #7742 to enter.  Park on penny lane by the club house, Cooper's house is on the corner of Penny Lane and Breeze Loop. Cooper's  cell is 206-605-4814, and mine is 619-804-4627. 

Please pass the word along - DFA and FMSD are brother clubs, and always will be. The more that we all thrive as a Tribe, the greater the joy and brotherhood for everyone!

Papa Tony