A Pride Week Tradition

It’s the annual DFA Book Club Pride Week Reading! Join local author Alex Ironrod as he presents an excerpt from his latest work, OBSESSION.  The event takes place on Wednesday, October 30 at 6 pm at Gear.

About Obsession

OBSESSION is the third novel about Tarquin and Paul, Masters and slaves, friends and enemies in today’s Leather BDSM world. A penetrating look at the dynamics of man-to-man sexual relationships, always evolving and diversifying, it provides a powerful and dramatic conclusion to the trilogy of LEATHER MASTERS and slaves.

Submissive Rufus is pulled between his television career and his turbulent sex life with his Master, Paul. When he runs back to England, it is Tarquin who must follow him and, accompanied by James Villier, his sexual rival and Rufus’ agent, he tracks the boy down through his previous experiences as a “rent-boy”.

In London, after a sex-filled night with James, Tarquin meets a potential new slave, who is to join the household back in Los Angeles.

But Rufus turns away from his Master, Paul, and now fixates on Tarquin. His obsession gradually becomes a mania that leads to the violent and shattering climax.

“Like all the hottest action movies, OBSESSION raises the temperature with the steamy booted Leathersex that Master Alex Ironrod packed into the first two volumes of his LEATHER MASTERS and slaves trilogy.”

Tim Brough
Author of First Hand – an Erotic Guide to Fisting