A Pride Week Tradition

It’s the annual DFA Book Club Pride Week Reading! Join local author Alex Ironrod as he presents an excerpt from his latest work, SUBMISSION.  The event takes place on Thursday, November 1 at 6 pm at Gear.

About Domination

DOMINATION is the eagerly awaited sequel to Alex Ironrod’s highly successful SUBMISSION, which was last year’s PALM SPRINGS LEATHER PRIDE READING. It continues the tale of Tarquin and Paul in their turbulent relationship in the BDSM Leather world of Los Angeles. In graphic detail, the author spells out the challenges of the Master-slave lifestyle, as the two men work out their real feelings for one another. In addition to the heavy sex and violence, there is quiet passion and tenderness.

DOMINATION opens with Master Tarquin dramatically offering himself as a slave to his former submissive PAUL, in an effort to rekindle their BDSM relationship.

Full of vivid characters and stimulating man-sex sequences, DOMINATION will raise your expectations even higher than SUBMISSION did.