Hear About BDSM Sex in the Old Days!

Eighteenth century anal action, a masked highwayman in leather and boots, his naked boy in rope bondage, waiting to be impaled.

Alex Ironrod is back with another Annual DFA Reading from his latest BDSM novel at Gear Leather & Fetish Store in Palm Springs, Wednesday November 2 at 6pm.

Every November for the last 6 years, Alex has celebrated with a public reading at Gear in the week between Palm Springs Leather Pride and Palm Springs Gay Pride. The event is open to members of Desert Fetish Authority, their friends, as well as other gay men who enjoy some kink in their lives.

On November 2, Alex will be previewing his new book THE MAN AND THE MASK, a tale of lust, flogging and revenge that begins in the bawdy world of the 1750s London area.

The two heroes, dominant highwayman Jamey and his aristocratic boy-in-training, Sir Michael, enjoy robbing and rough sex, before one is caught by the law. They have to flee to the American Colonies, where Jamey finds freedom and fulfillment with Michael in the wilderness of Western Massachusetts. Even there, deadly challenges are lying in wait.

Come and enjoy one of Alex’s readings for DFA at Gear on Sunny Dunes Road on November 2 at 6pm. Questions, answers and talk complete the one hour performance.