Desert Fetish Authority News

This Week's DFA Stuff

Planning Session
Thursday, September 5, 7 pm, LGBT Center

Book Club
Saturday, September 7, 7 pm, Alex and Hank's House

Details in last week's newsletter.

This Week's Other Fetish Happenings

Kink-Friendly HIV Testing
Friday, September 8, 2-5 pm, Gear Leather  & Fetish

PSLOD Beverage Benefit
Friday, September 8, 10 pm-1 am, Tool Shed

Coming Soon!

Our next Kink Exploroatorium will provide hands-on experience in mummification using materials that are easy to obtain and use. Mummification is a form of bondage in which the bottom experiences the full restriction of being wrapped, but has the option to break out at any time. The kind of experience the bottom has once wrapped is negotiated with the top who is wrapping him.

We will demonstrate the technique of wrapping with plastic wrap and duct tape.  Given we have enough people, we will wrap anyone who wants the experience and who has brought the necessary materials. It takes at least two people to wrap one. It is best to be naked while being wrapped.


Bring Your Own Supplies

Materials you will need are: at least 100 feet of plastic wrap, 50 feet of duct tape, four wash cloths, blindfold or a mask, ear plugs, safety scissors, massage table or some place to be laid down comfortably, sheet and pillow if you need one.


The Details

This Mummification Workshop will be held on Sunday September 15 from 2-4 pm. The location is the Desert Center for Sexuality Awareness, 71777 San Jacinto Drive Suite 204, Rancho Mirage. The Center is located next door to Planned Parenthood, just west of The River. Your instructor is Nick Tancredi.



Due to limited space, you must RSVP to attend. Please message Nick at to see if there's still room!

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