Desert Fetish Authority News

Book Club Date Change

This month’s DFA Book Club meeting has been postponed one week. Join us Saturday, May 11 at 6:30 pm at Alex and Hank’s home in the Cathedral City Cove.

This time we’ve made three selections based on member suggestions. We’ll be reading and discussing a new erotic short story The Pasta Room, an excerpt from Alex Ironrod’s BDSM novel The Highwaymen and a chapter from Larry Townsend’s non-fiction Leatherman’s Handbook II.

Please email if you're going to join us. When you RSVP, we’ll send you e-reader versions of this month’s selections and links to where you may purchase the actual books online.

Feel free to invite a friend or two: any guy who is into "erotic literature"/fetish porn/BDSM stuff. The discussions are lively, the company convivial and the cookies are great. If you’d like to organize or host an evening, please give us your ideas too.

Get into your favorite gear and join us on the terrace for another evening about books, about life and about our sexual interests and needs.

Kink Exploratorium 2: Hypnosis

I went to a leather/uniform lunch dressed in a black leather police uniform. I mingled in the crowd of men, not knowing anyone. A cute young man gazed at me with a sheepish grin. I stepped toward him, smiling back. I let myself slip into a self-hypnotic calm. I observed him relaxing with me. Stretching out my arm, I place my hand firmly on the back of his neck. With a sharp tug and a command to “SLEEP” he fell against my chest. I reassured him: “I’ve got you” as I cradled him in my arms. The hypnotic process continued. . .

Hypnosis is not a spell or mind control. It is a state of mind that is easy to master. You are very relaxed, calm, and aware. The sensation can be wonderful and intimate. Let presenter Eric Trostler show you something that he loves at our second Kink Exploratorium.

As a Hypnotherapist, Eric helped agoraphobics overcome panic attacks, so you will feel safe. When on stage he was billed as the “Worlds Fastest Hypnotist”.

Eric’s Exploratorium will be held on Saturday, May 18 at 8 pm. To get the location, RSVP to Please share your interests and questions about hypnosis when you do! So that everyone will be able to participate, this Exploratorium will be limited to twelve participants.

Want to know more about our Kink Exploratorium series? Read more on our web site. And here’s a review of our first presentation.

Planning Session Next Week

Have you ever wanted to bring some of your kinky fantasies to life? Want to get involved with other pervy guys into leather, gear, rubber, etc? Well, now's your chance!!

The next Desert Fetish Authority Planning Session is this coming next  Thursday, May 9 at 7 pm at the LGBT Center. All are welcome to attend, no matter what your experience level. It's a relaxed group of men sharing a sense of brotherhood in the fetish world and making plans to turn fantasies into future events.

DFA Tees: Last Call!

Need another reason to order a DFA tee (besides the fact that they’re really cool)? You’ll get Happy Hour pricing at our Hunters Nights when you wear one!

Get yours today—there are only 9 days left! For details, check out our web site.

Hot Rodeo 2013

Got a cowboy fetish? Then this weekend is for you! It’s the annual Hot Rodeo, sponsored by the Greater Palm Springs Chapter of the Golden State Gay Rodeo Association. In addition to the rodeo itself, the weekend is filled with parties and other fun. Get the details at There’s still time to volunteer for free rodeo admission.