Desert Fetish Authority News

Hanky Night at Hunters

We've all had that experience: Spot a really hot guy at a bar and strike up a conversation hoping to score, only to find out at the end of the night that you're both tops and hopelessly incompatible! Argh…what a waste of time!

That won't happen if you attend the March 21 DFA Night at Hunters. It's Hanky Night! Hankies are a traditional way to signal your sexual interests. Brush up on the code, pick the color(s) that interest you, and come on out to Hunters between 8-10pm to find your match!!

Fourth Friday Events

The next night, March 22, is the fourth Friday of the month, which means that it’s time for the next installments of our Leather/Fetish Open Discussion Group and DFA Night at the Tool Shed! A great bunch of friendly, passionate, kinky guys join us at each these events. There’s room for you too!

The Discussion Group kicks off at 7 pm at the LGBT Center, followed by DFA Night at the Tool Shed, which now starts at 9.

Whether you're interested in the Discussion Group or the social at the Tool Shed (or both), March 22nd will be a great night to gear up, come out and have some fun!