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Event Recaps!

At the last Idea Lab session, we resolved to share more recaps of DFA events and activities. Here’s what’s been going on recently! (And by the way, our next Idea Lab is December 4 at 7 pm at the LGBT Center. Join us!)

Whips in the Park, November 2014

Whips in the Park: November Wrap-Up

The first Whips in the Park of the new season took place last Sunday. Here’s Drew’s recap:

“A beautiful day for throwing whips and a good turnout! Guys with decades of experience were happy to give some pointers to first timers, and Spike, a first timer, sure showed himself to be a natural whipsman with a lot of promise.”

Next month's date and time to be announced.

To learn more about Whips in the Park, click here. Wanna see more pics of this month’s gathering? Click here.


Discussion Group: November Wrap-Up

Our latest Men's Discussion Group took place on November 14.

12+ men showed up for a great discussion on body issues as they pertain to cruising, comfort in one’s skin, self-esteem and how we look in gear. The conversation went everywhere, from total acceptance of one’s body all the way to reservations due to aging, weight and culture. We also talked about how we can overcome our challenges through healthy self-esteem and self acceptance.

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be no fourth-Friday session this month. Join us next on December 12.

Learn more about the Discussion Group here.


Men's Fraternal J/O Wrap Up

There’s also a wrap up of this month’s Men’s Fraternal J/O Gathering, but it’s pretty steamy so you need to read it here!

The next get-together is December 3 in a private location. RSVP to for details.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

There will be no newsletter next week. Have a kinky Thanksgiving! We’re thankful that you’re in the DFA!