Desert Fetish Authority News

Tomorrow: Touch Tuesdays!

Join us tomorrow, June 17 (and every Third Tuesday) from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm for Touch Tuesdays!

Explore being comfortable in your own skin and with touch of all kinds.

Practice overcoming hang-ups with Touch each visit.

Facilitator will demo different aspects of touch prior to breaking up into groups.

And there will always be HUGS and Puppy Piles!

Exploration is intended to be erotic, not sexual.

Clothing optional – nudity encouraged.

Stimulation is normal. Be respectful of each other. Don’t violate other people’s limits.

Space is limited. Email your interest and contact information today to Rey at

Sessions will be in Cathedral City near the Burlington Coat Factory. If a couple of men could bring an extra massage table, let Rey know.