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Leather Days Cover Detail

Pride Week Erotic Reading

The tradition continues! Once again Alex Ironrod offers the premiere reading of his latest BDSM mystery at Gear Leather & Fetish as a salute to Palm Springs’ Leather Pride and Gay Pride Weekends. This year, the free in-store event will be at 6 pm on Wednesday, November 6. After the reading, Alex will chat with the audience and sign copies …


The Best Is Yet To Come

Why are mental health disorders important the leather, kink, fetish, and BDSM community?  They affect the way we socialize, the way we learn, and the way we play. We use the word brotherhood to describe our relationships with each other.  This word is meaningless unless there is action behind the word.  If we are truly brothers, we should take care …

BDSM 101

Kink Exploratorium 3: BDSM 101

For the absolute beginner, the merely curious, or even the old hand looking to meet some new people, a friendly and relaxed introduction to the fundamental elements of Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism. In addition to learning how to get the BDSM experiences you want and how to have a great time safely, there will be demonstrations and hands-on learning of basic bondage, Dominant/submissive …

Hypno Exploratorium

Hypnosis Exploratorium Follow Up

A hypnotist is like the Wizard of Oz.  He has no magic but by asking you to do things you did not know that you could do you find that you already have what you are longing for. Chris was the first volunteer and the star of the night.  I asked him to stand facing me, take a couple of …

Predicted Attendance

First Annual FetishMen’s Family Reunion in San Diego

Now that there are FetishMen clubs in San Diego, Palm Springs and Los Angeles, with brothers from all over Southern California finding better and better reasons to bond together as brothers, it’s time for us to come together for a REALLY BIG, superb and INEXPENSIVE event. Bring air-mattresses, sleeping-bags and bedding down to San Diego, preferably ride-sharing when you travel. Why? …

Exploratorium 2: Hypnosis

Kink Exploratorium 2: Hypnosis

I went to a leather/uniform lunch dressed in a black leather police uniform. I mingled in the crowd of men, not knowing anyone. A cute young man gazed at me with a sheepish grin. I stepped toward him, smiling back. I let myself slip into a self-hypnotic calm. I observed him relaxing with me. Stretching out my arm, I place …

DFA Tee Mockup

DFA Tees

Are you part of the Next Guard of Fetish? Show off your pride in one of our cool new tees! Not only will you be stylin’, but you’ll also help us gather seed money for future activities. DFA tees are high-quality, 100% cotton black shirts with a flattering athletic cut. The DFA logo is featured in a pocket-sized print on …

Kink Exploratorium

Kink Exploratorium

Introducing a brand-new series from the DFA! Kink Exploratoriums are your chance to learn new BDSM skills from experienced players in a casual, instructional and fun setting. In each session, you’ll learn not only what to do, but why we do it and how doing it well matters. Most sessions will be hands-on in nature so that you can both …

Mr. Benson

DFA Book Club

Welcome to the DFA Book Club – the first of which will be on Saturday, March 2 at 6:30 pm. Why would a group of Fetishists & Kinksters want a Reading Group? Simple – from words – spoken, written or thought – come so many fetishes and ideas, from boots to bondage, from cocks to cigars, from Tops to bottoms, …

Photo Courtesy of Damian Day

January Progress Report

Last week was a milestone for DFA, as we kicked off the New Year with plenty of new opportunities for brotherhood and connection. It all started Sunday with our monthly planning session, where we talked about our progress and continued to work on future activities. Watch for cool DFA T-Shirts, coming soon! Then on Friday Stefen kicked off our first …

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